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Sustainable 2nd Century

Sustainable 2nd Century

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So, what can you do? 

Turning off the lights, bringing a reusable mug, riding a bike and purchasing efficient equipment can help our campus achieve its goals. 

UC Davis offers programs that help make many such sustainable choices easier. Showers, emergency rides home and complimentary parking passes for off-days can make the decision to ride your bike to campus more convenient. Campus units can replace their older printers for more efficient new models for free. Motion sensors in some campus spaces turn off the lights for you, and eateries provide drink discounts if you bring your own mug.

Your challenge: Take action on campus and at home — and find out how UC Davis can help.

Conserve energy

Maximize your energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Find out how to save energy (and money).


Minimize your use of fossil fuels to get around. Commit to human-powered commuting, travel in groups or make use of efficient vehicles.

Save water

Turn off the water when you aren't directly using it, and help the campus save water by reporting leaks and other water waste.

Buy smart

Reduce waste before you spend a dime. Prepare to avoid the landfill before you buy something.

Go zero waste

Turn trash into a resource and avoid sending it to the landfill. Know what goes where, when it comes to recycling everything from cardboard to CDs to pipette tip boxes.

Host a green event

Make sure your hospitality doesn't pile up at a landfill after a conference or social event. Set your own zero-waste goal, then help guests and conference participants achieve it.

Eat well

Add a little green to your landscape. Visit a sustainable garden on campus and learn how to better maintain your outdoor space.


Pledge to take action for a more sustainable campus.