Sustainability Champion Awards

UC Davis Sustainability Champion Awards

Sustainability Champion nominations for the 2022 nomination season. Please return next year to nominate next year's champion!
About the Award

UC Davis Sustainability Champions are environmental leaders on campus—students, staff, and faculty/academic staff—who exemplify why UC Davis continues to lead the way in sustainability efforts. Sustainability Champions are selected from amongst nominees by a diverse review panel and announced annually during the Sustainability Summit near the end of each academic year. 

Rolling nominations are accepted throughout the year and are closed for review shortly prior to the Sustainability Summit each year. 

Eligibility Criteria

Nominator Eligibility  Nominations are invited from all UC Davis students, staff, faculty, or academic staff. Self nominations are not accepted.

Nominee Eligibility  Any UC Davis student, staff, faculty, or academic staff may be nominated to receive a Sustainability Champion Award. Self nominations are not accepted.

Award Types

Three categories of Sustainability Champions are typically awarded each year:  student, faculty and staff 

If the panel finds that none of the nominations in any one or all of the award categories meet the evaluation criteria, the panel reserves the right to decline to grant an award in the category or categories.

Evaluation Criteria

Champions are selected based on their contributions and service to the following goals: 

  • Goal A: To help foster a sustainable campus and integrate environmental sustainability on campus outside of their expected job functions or academic responsibilities.  

  • Goal B: To advocate for environmental stewardship and sustainability as part of a campus culture of sustainability.  

  • Goal C: To learn about and create awareness of environmental justice, climate justice, and diversity, equity, and inclusivity issues on campus. 

Sustainability Champion Awards Review Panel

The panel of reviewers includes representatives from across the UC Davis and UC Davis Health campuses and communities. 

  • 2022 Review Panelists
  • Undergraduate: Nathan Lee
    Graduate student: Amelia Flack
    UC Davis Staff: Jim Carroll, Courtney Doss, Bob Segar
    UC Davis Health Staff: Kristina Cullen
    City of Davis, Sustainability Coordinator Kerry Loux

Submit your nomination!

  • Preview nomination form requirements
  • Nominator Information: Name, Campus Affiliation, Campus Department & Address, UC Davis Email, Phone Number, Affiliation with Nominee, Anonymity Preferences.
    Nominee Information: Proposed Award Category (Academic Staff/Faculty, Staff, Student), Name, Campus Department & Address, UC Davis Email, Phone Number, 3 questions requesting explanations and examples of how the nominator feels the nominee meets each of the evaluation criteria goals, 2 questions regarding clarification on whether the nominee's job duties require sustainability promotion and how they exceed these responsibilities.  
Sustainability Champion nominations for the 2022 nomination season. Please return next year to nominate next year's champion!