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UC Davis Courses Related to Sustainability 

UC Davis is committed to fostering a broad understanding of sustainability knowledge and offers numerous courses related to sustainability. UC Davis Sustainability maintains an inventory of UC Davis courses related to sustainability in order to provide the campus with an understanding of current offerings.  

UC Davis Sustainability-Related Courses 

As of March 2020 

  % Sustainability-Focused Courses % Sustainability-Inclusive Courses
2016-2019  3.2% 8.7% 
2010-2013 2.9% 3.0% 

Source: UC Davis Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) Reports 

  • The inventory includes courses that are consistent with definitions from the STARS Technical Manual (AC-01 p. 5-6). This list was originally created in March 2020 and published in the 2020 UC Davis STARS submission.  Classes included in the inventory may not be offered every year and some courses have prerequisites or restricted enrollment. Please check the course catalog for class schedules and offerings. Please send additions or corrections to sustainability@ucdavis.edu.  

All UC Davis sustainability-related courses


UC Davis Professional and Continuing Education Courses Related to Sustainability 

UC Davis offers educational opportunities for professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of sustainability issues.  

All UC Davis Professional and Continuing Education sustainability-related courses