Review UC Davis' Draft Fossil Fuel-Free Pathway Plan and provide your feedback!

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UC Davis Earns Gold in Sustainability Ratings (Again!)

For the third time, UC Davis has received a gold STARS rating, highlighting the university’s comprehensive sustainability efforts that span operations, engagement, academics and planning. 

Environmentally sustainable emergency medicine

For several years, the Department of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis Health has been working to reduce waste and minimize its environmental impact to provide patients with emergency care that is environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Provide Feedback on Campus Fossil Fuel-Free Plan

UC Davis, the first in the UC system to draft a roadmap for eliminating fossil fuels from its operations, now has a plan for public comment. University community members are invited to review the Fossil Fuel Free Pathway Plan and provide feedback through the end of October.

Dozens join first-ever sustainability walking tour

The first-ever sustainability walking tour kicked off April 25, in honor of Earth Day and during the Health and Wellness Fair. The tour saw more than a dozen UC Davis Health employees join to learn about the health system’s sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Fellows Take On Sustainable Development

UC Davis’s Sustainability office is host to two fellowship programs for the ‘22-’23 academic year. The Bonnie Reiss Climate Action Fellows and The University Climate Change Coalition (UC3) Climate and Environmental Justice Fellow. This team of six graduate and undergraduate fellows joined UC Davis Sustainability in Fall 2022, tasked with improving the sustainability of the Davis and Health campus operations.

Join Webinar to Review University of California Updates to Climate Policy

Join us for webinar March 15 from 12-1 p.m. to discuss the University of California's plans to update its climate policy. The current version relies heavily on carbon offsets, but the University is now proposing to shift to a strategy of direct decarbonization which requires fully transforming campus energy infrastructure.

Humphrey Fellows Put Students in the Driver’s Seat on Climate Action

The 2022–23 UC Davis Humphrey fellows arrived on campus with the goal of strengthening their professional development and collaborating on global challenges using their collective expertise. During the fall quarter in collaboration with UC Davis Sustainability, the fellows facilitated a First-Year Aggie Connection for new undergraduate, international and transfer students on climate change.