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Reduce My Carbon Footprint

Climate change is a grave threat to the health of people and our planet. The science is clear that we all have to take action now. We each have a responsibility to look at our own footprints, and to help make changes at a larger scale to address the threat of climate change.

Ways you can take action: 

  • Save energy and water 
  • Take the Aggie Green Pledge
  • Use sustainable transportation 
  • Consider your options and choose sustainably produced food 
  • Avoid food waste, and donate or compost any food waste you generate 
  • Repurpose and reuse, before buying new, when possible. 
  • Use air travel thoughtfully – as an academic institution, our mission is being curious and open – we are supposed to seek knowledge and share our findings, so we should travel for research, study abroad, and conferences. We have also learned in the pandemic response that we can use virtual conferencing and meetings, too. If you are traveling for work, consider if you can bundle trips or otherwise find efficiencies in your travel. 
  • Vote, and work to influence policy and legislation