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Take Action: Commute

Your challenge: Minimize your use of fossil fuels to get around.

Human-powered transportation

Photo: Woman riding a bike

Get around by human power.

Get around by human power — ride a bike, walk or skateboard — when you can.

The campus Bicycle Program provides services that make riding your bike to, from, and around campus easier. If you are new to biking on campus you may need to look into bicycle licenses, get some advice, and check out the campus bike map. GoClub for bicyclists is called goBike and includes discounts and parking vouchers for days when biking to school or work is not possible.

Aggies on the Move encourages the campus community to walk for transportation and fitness. Faculty and staff that walk to work can also sign up for rewards from goWalk.

Travel in groups

Photo: Woman getting in a vanpool

Share a ride with a vanpool.

Sharing a ride via a carpool, vanpool, bus or train divides your fossil fuel use among multiple passengers.

GoClub helps UC Davis employees organize carpools and vanpools, which are eligible for discounted parking permits. Students and employees can also use the UC Davis Zimride network to organize a carpool to or from the Davis community.

Riding a Unitrans bus is an easy way to get around the city and campus. Rides are free for undergraduates with a valid registration card and other campus and community members can ride at discounted rates (see goBus for discount passes and Unitrans for more fare information).

If a train or regional bus is more your speed, join goTrain for access to discount transit passes.

On days when group travel is not feasible, goClub members who normally ride in carpools, vanpools, buses or trains can use complimentary parking permits, emergency rides home and rental car vouchers.

Alternative vehicles

Photo: 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

Fleet services offers fuel-efficient vehicles.

Sometimes driving by yourself is unavoidable but there are options that will decrease your environmental footprint.

Staff and faculty who need to travel for work can request a low-emissions vehicle from Fleet Services. Using one of the fleet's electric vehicles is ideal for short trips, while hybrid-electric cars or vehicles fueled by biodiesel or high-ethanol blends are best for longer drives. Hybrid vehicles are also available through Fleet Services' new UC Drive car share program, which rents vehicles by the hour. The car share program allows an employee who has a meeting or event off campus to borrow a fleet vehicle at low cost instead of altering their commute to bring a car to campus.

Zipcar is also available with several dedicated Zipcar parking spaces throughout campus.

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