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Embrace Reuse

Start here: Reduce your single-use waste with free, reusable utensil kits

UC Davis Sustainability and Student Housing and Dining Services are partnering to provide free reusable utensil kits to students and employees as part of ongoing Zero Waste efforts. Learn more about our Zero Waste goals.

Next time you're enjoying lunch from one of the yummy eateries or food trucks on campus, picnicking with friends, or eating a meal on the go, reach for your trusty reusable utensils instead of a single-use plastic set.

Reusable utensils, including two straws, a straw cleaner, a pair of chopsticks, a knife, a spoon and a fork

What's in the kit?

Utensil kits include reusable stainless steel utensils  a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, a straight straw, a bent straw and a straw cleaner all in a neoprene carrying case.

Where do you get one?

The kits will be given out at tabling events hosted in student dining halls, at restaurants and near food trucks on campus. See all upcoming events to pick up your utensils.


Taking care of your utensils

When you've got your utensils, we want to make sure you know how to take care of them. When you're out and about you're not usually going to have access to a kitchen sink and dish soap to wash your utensils after eating. No worries! The material for the carrying case, neoprene, was specifically chosen because it’s breathable and easy to clean. This means any bits of food that might be left on your utensils after use will dry out while in the case. Then you can wash any dirty utensils (and the case as needed) once you’ve got  access to a sink or dishwasher.

fork with salad on it
Step 1:

Use your reusable utensils instead of reaching for single-use utensils. Once you're done, wipe off your utensils if you’re able to and put them back into your case.

fork with soap on it
Step 2:

When you’re back home, wash your utensils, and your carrying case.

fork in reusable case
Step 3:

Once everything’s dry, put your utensils back in the carrying case and the case back in your bag.


Snap a picture of the food or views you're enjoying with your reusable utensils and share it using the hashtag #ZeroWasteUCD.

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