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Already Published Articles/Stories Related to Sustainability

We are asking for already published sustainability-related stories. While we are looking for stories that specifically showcase the UC Annual Report on Sustainable Practices theme (explained below), we encourage you to share sustainability-related stories that do not address the theme for other reporting and documentation purposes. 

2022-2023 UC Annual Report on Sustainable Practices theme: UC Climate Action for a Fossil-Free Future

Stories that address the theme could be related to operations, research, and/or public service at UC Davis and include: 

  • Electrification/decarbonization planning 

  • Electrification/decarbonization of energy systems, facilities, transportation systems etc. 

  • Research breakthroughs related to reducing fossil gas use 

  • Climate Action Research Initiative grants 

  • How locations are supporting and engaging with their communities in fossil free planning 

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