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Student Involvement: Groups and Opportunities

Getting involved in sustainability issues at UC Davis can mean gaining experience and knowledge, networking with other interested students and professionals, and advocating for meaningful change.


Student groups

Photo: A woman signs up for a student group on Earth Day

A thorough list of all UC Davis student groups associated with environmental and sustainability issues is available from the Campus Center for the Environment. The student-run center focuses on collaboration between UC Davis groups in environmental education, awareness, ecological health and environmental justice.

Some groups focus on improving sustainability on campus, such as the California Student Sustainability Coalition, a statewide organization that unites students among various college campuses. Other groups focus on professional development and networking in relation to green fields, such as the Students for Environmental Education at Davis, Students for Sustainable Agriculture and Davis Net Impact, an organization for Graduate School of Management students interested in corporate responsibility.

Internship and volunteer opportunities

Why not improve campus while gaining professional experience? Many of the sustainability awareness units and programs on campus employ student interns, offer fellowships or internships, or have student committee members. Opportunities include:

The Internship and Career Center highlights job and internship opportunities in all areas of study at UC Davis. The Campus Center for the Environment also posts environmentally focused internships, including on- and off-campus opportunities.

Research internships are also available via the Energy Efficiency Center and the Campus Center for the Environment.

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