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Student Involvement: Sustainability Classes

UC Davis courses related to sustainability

The courses below were identified as either (1) sustainability courses or (2) courses that include sustainability, during a comprehensive inventorying of all UC Davis courses offered from 2010-2013. The inventory was conducted for the higher education sustainability reporting tool, Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS). This list was originally created in December 2009 and published in the Climate Action Plan as Appendix 4. The list was last updated on May 22, 2014.

In winter 2016, Davis faculty identified courses that cover climate science and climate change action. The list is provided in Microsoft Excel format and faculty plan to update the list annually.

Other courses at UC Davis may also touch upon sustainability topics. Check with the appropriate department or faculty member. These classes have been taught the last 3-4 years and may not be offered every year. Some courses have prerequisites or restricted enrollment. Please check the course catalog for class schedules and offerings. Please send additions or corrections to sustainability@ucdavis.edu.

Click here to download a PDF of the most recent sustainability course inventory (includes course descriptions). 

Agricultural and Environmental Education

Agricultural and Resource Economics

American Studies

Animal Science


Applied Biological Systems Technology

Atmospheric Science

Avian Sciences

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


Chicana/Chicano Studies

Community and Regional Development

Comparative Literature






Engineering: Applied Science

Engineering: Biological and Agricultural

Engineering: Chemical

Engineering: Chemical and Materials Science

Engineering: Civil and Environmental

Engineering: Electrical and Computer

Engineering: Mechanical

Engineering: Mechanical and Aeronautical


Environmental Horticulture

Environmental Science and Management

Environmental Science and Policy

Environmental Toxicology

Evolution and Ecology




Hydrologic Science

International Agricultural Development

Landscape Architecture



Native American Studies



Plant Biology

Plant Pathology

Plant Sciences

Political Science

Science and Society


Soil Science

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Technocultural Studies

Textiles and Clothing

Transportation Technology and Policy

Veterinary Medicine and Epidemiology

Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology

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