Image of students on bikes going around a bike circle.

Share your sustainability achievements

UC Davis' commitment to and achievement in sustainability relies on the efforts of our community across the university. In order to capture these efforts, UC Davis Sustainability and UC Davis Health Sustainability have set up a form that students, faculty, academics and staff can use to submit sustainability awards, articles and updates any time of year.

"In the past we've asked for this information as it related to multiple annual reports we submit," said Camille Kirk, director of UC Davis Sustainability and campus sustainability planner. "Now we have a way for our community to submit the information as it happens, so it's fresh, and can ultimately be included to bolster our campus's sustainability standings and communication efforts."

Submissions will be used to inform sustainability reporting, such as UC's Annual Report on Sustainable Practices, and the GreenMetric World University Rankings, which has recognized UC Davis as the greenest university in the U.S. for four years. Submissions may also become content on social media outlets and newsletters.


Learn More and Submit Your Sustainability Achievements