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Take Action: Recycle

Do you need a work order? 

You need to submit a work order to Waste Reduction and Recycling for the following requests: new recycling bins, battery recycling, and event assistance.

To submit a work order request, please visit the Facilities Management website or call the work order customer support desk at 530-752-1655.

For pick-up schedules or overflowing bins, please contact Facilities Management Customer Support at 530-752-1655.

Find out what else you can recycle and where

Recycling reduces the amount of campust waste sent to the landfill. We recycle so much at UC Davis that we broke the list down alphabetically by item name.

Is the item you're looking for not listed? Please submit a question here.

*TIP: In your browser window, press CTRL+F (PCs) or COMMAND+F (Macs) and type in an item name to find it on this page.

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Living on campus and need to dispose of hazardous waste?

UC Davis provides periodic, no-cost collection services in select residential areas of the campus to safely dispose of materials that cannot be thrown away in the trash. To read a full list of items considered "hazardous waste" and to see a map of drop-off locations, view the hazardous waste flyer or consult the Student Housing web page.

Staff and faculty that need to dispose of hazardous waste should submit a work order request with Facilities Management.

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Find reuse opportunities on campus

Instead of throwing away or recycling unwanted items, consider reusing or repurposing them first.

Campus resources for reuse and/or repurposing are:

Aggie Surplus supports sustainability as it returns into circulation excess campus and UCDHS equipment, furniture, and supplies and sells surplus property to the general public and University departments. It enables departments to buy needed items at a cost savings, dispose of their excess surplus property, and generate additional funds.

8,000 of university items are diverted from landfills and sold annually: 80% sold to the general public and 20% sold to campus departments.

Aggie Reuse Store is a student-run second-hand store in the Memorial Union. Its mission is to divert materials from the landfill and to redistribute them at low cost for reuse or repurposing. Aggie Reuse Store hopes that salvaging items from the trash and providing them for low cost will benefit people affected by rising tuition and living costs while also spreading environmental awareness through creative reuse. All materials in the store are donated and profits go back into the store's operating budget, including creative reuse outreach/workshops.

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Moving? Cleaning out your office?

Taking time to clean out your office and have lots of paper to recycle? Submit a work order with Facilities Management to request an Office Clean Out bin to be delivered to your office.

Have confidential documents? Distribution Services offers a shredding service to campus departments.

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Read about university and college recycling programs

If you work with a college, university, public agency, or corporate campus you may be able to help spearhead an expansion in your institution's recycling program. The College and University Recycling Manual was created as a guide to how different facility types can divert various materials from landfill, by setting up new integrated waste programs, maximizing existing waste diversion efforts and creating a sustainable recycling program.

Updates about UC Davis' goals and achievements related to waste reduction and recycling are available under Campus Progress: Waste Reduction. Any questions about how to recycle at UC Davis should be directed to Waste Reduction and Recycling.

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