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Take Action: Go Zero Waste

Your challenge: Help us meet our goal of sending zero waste to the municipal landfill.

Learn about campus waste reduction

UC Davis reduced, reused, recycled, and composted approximately 15,500 tons of material in 2015-2016. The Waste Reduction and Recycling Program (WRR) is here to help you learn how to recycle and compost your unwanted items.  Our efforts to keep items out of the landfill contribute to UC system-wide goal of zero waste by 2020.

You can be part of this effort by recycling things that you no longer need. Our campus diverts a wide variety of items from being landfilled; this list is ever expanding. The pages in the Go Zero Waste section show how you can take part in increasing the amount of stuff diverted on campus. You can find out  about:

A student assistant holds up trash cans during a campus waste audit

Participate in reducing campus waste

You can participate in the waste competitions UC Davis enters each year. Along with many other colleges and universities nationwide, UC Davis participates in competitions that rank campuses based on how much waste is diverted.  Two notable competitions that UC Davis participates in annually are the Game Day Challenge, which highlights diversion efforts at the Aggie Stadium during the football season, and RecycleMania, which focuses on recycling efforts at a campus level during the winter academic quarter. Since 2012, UC Davis has also participated in the EPA Food Recovery Challenge, which focuses on food organics prevention/source reduction and diversion. 

Residents of UC Davis Student Housing can learn more about residence hall waste reduction.

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