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Take Action: Request Recycling Bins

If you think where you live or work on campus needs more recycling options, you can contact the Waste Reduction and Recycling program for guidance. A variety of recycling bins are available, depending on what you are recycling and where the bin would be located.

To help increase recycling, make sure recycling bins are clearly marked with these posters, available in letter-size and larger. The posters are also available in print from Repro Graphics.

Recycle from your desk

Is the waste basket next to your desk mostly filled with paper? If you find that your office or department has a lot of paper to recycle, request a mini-bin system to help you recycle right at your desk. If your building does not already have mini-bins available, you may need to request that your department work with the Waste Reduction and Recycling unit to implement the mini-bin recycling system in your building.

The mini-bin replaces a normal trash basket with a blue recycling bin for paper and a smaller, attached side bin for other trash. The mini-bins reduce trash sent to the landfill, reduce the use of plastic liners and increase recycling revenues.

In offices and labs that use batteries or other disposables frequently, special desktop recycling bins are also available. You can request a desktop recycling bin specifically for rechargeable batteries through Call2Recycle or for non-rechargeable batteries by contacting Waste Reduction and Recycling

If your office discards other recyclable materials frequently, contact Waste Reduction and Recycling to set up a collection bin for your department or take the materials to the Bargain Barn for recycling.

Request more recycling bins

Below are descriptions of some of the most common recycling and waste receptacles on campus, or you can download a complete list of bins with photos.

Contact Waste Reduction and Recycling to determine which bins are right for your location and to order the bins. Approved campus recycling bins are defined by the UC Davis Campus Standards and Design Guide. Once you receive the bins, make sure to follow directions from UC Davis Fire about where the bins can be located.

'Slim Jim' style

The “Slim Jim” style of recycling bins is designed for use in copy rooms, mail rooms, break rooms, computer labs and hallways where appropriate. Each of the following bins is 20 x 11 x 30 inches:

The bins can be ordered separately or in combination.

The Windsor outdoors set includes a bin for paper, bottles and cans, and trash.


Concrete set: This outdoor set, ideal for building entrances and courtyards, includes one trash and one bottles/cans receptacle. Each bin is 25 x 25 x 32.5 inches.

Windsor: This outdoor set includes a bin for paper, bottles and cans, and trash. It is ideal for walkways, parks, gravel and courtyards. The base dimensions for this set is approximately 55 x 55 inches. 

Cabinets for classroom and lobbies

Recycling cabinets are built-in, multi-purpose receptacles for cardboard, mixed paper, bottles, cans, and trash. These indoor recycling cabinets belong in convenient and high-traffic areas such as lobbies, anterooms to lecture halls and main corridors. The UC Davis Campus Design and Standards Guide provides guidelines (see pages 2 and 3) and detailed drawings for both small and large cabinets. 

Small cabinets are recommended for lower traffic areas such as break or mail rooms. The total dimensions of a small cabinet is 65 x 28 x 36 inches, which includes spaces for three bins (mixed paper, bottles/cans, and trash) and an open compartment for collecting cardboard.

Large cabinets are ideal for high-traffic areas such as lobbies and restrooms, with total dimensions of 90 x 25 x 36 inches.

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