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Take Action: Green Your Office

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The UC Davis Green Office Program is a campus-wide, points-based program that evaluates sustainable actions that your department implements. Everyone in the office supports the effort by participating in conservation measures that will increase your efficiency and sustainability.

Your department earns points as everyone adopts best practices based in five categories: energy, waste, water, transportation, and community. Focusing on these five categories helps your department work towards Bronze, Silver, or Gold certification. The program is both department-wide and personal, with an individual questionnaire that every member of your department can complete.

We hope you will find Green Office to be fun and fulfilling.

Photo: Pamela Evans at the front desk of Administrative & Resource Management in Mrak.

Pam Evans of Administrative and Resource Management was a participant in the precursor to Green Workplace, the Be Green office pilot program.

Why become a Green Office?

The UC system has committed to goals of Zero Waste by 2020, and Carbon Neutrality by 2025. In response to these goals, Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability created the Green Office program. With more than 10,000 employees at UC Davis, we need the entire campus community to participate in reducing the campus’ environmental footprint.

In 2009 a pilot Green Office program in Mrak Hall led to an 18% decline in electricity use during weekdays and a 33% decline on weekends. A waste audit during the pilot program showed a two-thirds reduction in landfill items, achieving a 98% diversion rate of paper and over 50% reduction in waste that could be composted instead of landfilled.

Graph of Green Office pilot power savings

Graph of Green Office pilot waste audit results

The Green Office Program provides achievable steps toward a greener workplace and celebrates accomplishments with recognition. By participating, a department or unit will:

How to become a Green Office

  1. Learn about the Green Office program
  2. Commit to the program with leadership endorsement; inform and enroll your staff
  3. Assess and act by finding areas to improve, and make and document sustainable changes
  4. Certify and celebrate—when done, you will receive a framed certificate and other recognition

Step 1: Learn

Step 2: Commit

Step 3: Assess and act

Step 4: Certify and celebrate

Who has participated and how long will it take?

See our Green Workplace alumni page to find departmental champions of resource conservation. They include:  

We recommend pursuing the program during one quarter, or about 2-3 months’ total time, at a steady pace. Your group may go faster or slower if you wish.

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