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Sustainable 2nd Century

Sustainable 2nd Century

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Take Action: Green Workplace Alumni

Photo: Green Workplace alumni!

Information Center for the Environment, certified as a Gold Green Office.

We want to thank everyone who has participated in Green Workplace! Your contributions to campus sustainability make a difference and are truly appreciated.

Green Leaf Awardees


Laura Cameron, Mary Mangrich, Signe Wetteland, Dennis Pendleton, Diane Varoz, Kari King, Shelene Anglin, Heather Wright, Susan Silva, Denise Prigge, Carolyn Penny, Margaret E Hoyer, Janis Heple, Jennifer Kremer, Noel Conner, Amy Kurtz, Yvonne Cheng Vogt, Venita Sivamani, Debbie Reeder, Steve Wheeler, Carrie Armstrong-Ruport, Pat Conners, Claire Napawan, Haley Proehl, Urszula Chrobak, Blake Fitzwater, Amanda Wentworth, Issy DeMillan, Tessa Artale, Emili Abdel-Ghany, Jenni Porter, Barbara Brady, Jan Carmikle

Green Office Alumni

Greenest Office: Information Center for the Environment

Green Lab Alumni

Greenest Research Group: German Lab

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