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Topics: Waste reduction

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  • 10.6.15 — UC launches Cool Campus Challenge in a push toward carbon neutrality

    Launching Oct. 6 and running through Dec. 10, the first Cool Campus Challenge aims to get everyone across the UC campuses on board with the carbon neutrality effort with a bit of friendly competition.

  • 10.1.15 — 9 ways to get your green on!

    Brief description of content goes here.Mix UC Davis' school colors — blue and gold — with a special measure of environmental care, and you've created Aggie green. Discover nine ways that Aggie green colors what we do on campus and join in.

  • 9.30.15 — UC Davis West Village tracks its progress toward zero net energy

    UC Davis West Village, the nation’s largest planned zero net energy community, continues to work toward its goal of producing 100 percent of the energy it uses.

  • 11.12.14 — Fresh idea brings campus produce to UC Davis pantry

    Campus-grown produce, delivered by bicycle and offered at a UC Davis food pantry, is warming not only the stomachs of students, but also their hearts.

  • 9.24.14 — Good catch: Fishermen clean ocean of lost crabbing gear

    California’s rugged North Coast lays claim to one of the state’s most valuable commercial fisheries: Dungeness crab. Millions of pounds of this meaty delicacy are pulled in each year from Morro Bay to the California-Oregon border, making for an industry valued at $32 million to $95 million per year. But there’s another catch: Many of the thousands of crab pots set in the sea don’t make their way back. Now, a group of fishermen collaborating with UC Davis are working to remove the lost crabbing gear from the ocean and sell it back to the original owners under what they hope will be an economically sustainable model for future cleanups.

  • 6.3.14 — Graduation gowns go blue and green

    For graduation, black has turned to blue — and gone green. Students are wearing newly designed graduation gowns that are UC Davis blue with gold trim and environmentally friendly in their construction and care. The baccalaureate gowns also feature the “UC Davis” logo.

  • 5.13.14 — Buildings, bikes and even our purple gloves are green

    UC Davis’ official colors are blue and gold, but the campus is receiving more and more recognition these days for green — as in sustainability, for everything from bicycling to building design, and in operation and maintenance of existing buildings.

  • 4.22.14 — Biodigester turns campus waste into campus energy

    More than a decade ago, Ruihong Zhang, a professor of biological and agricultural engineering at UC Davis, started working on a problem: How to turn as much organic waste as possible into as much renewable energy as possible. Today, on Earth Day, the university and Sacramento-based technology partner CleanWorld are officially unveiling the UC Davis Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester (READ) at the campus’ former landfill.

  • 2.3.14 — New technique makes "biogasoline" from plant waste

    Gasoline-like fuels can be made from cellulosic materials such as farm and forestry waste using a new process invented by chemists at UC Davis. The process could open up new markets for plant-based fuels, beyond existing diesel substitutes.

  • 1.21.14 — UC Davis ranks in top 10 worldwide for sustainability

    UC Davis made a significant advance in the just-released UI GreenMetric World University Ranking, which placed UC Davis in the top 10 for campus sustainability and environment-friendly management. In Universitas Indonesia’s fourth annual GreenMetric rankings, for 2013, UC Davis is ninth overall (up from 17th a year earlier) and fourth in the United States. The rankings comprise 301 universities. Out of all of the UC campuses, only Davis made the top 10.

  • 11.26.13 — UC Davis West Village: Setting the standard

    The University of California, Davis, West Village, the nation’s largest planned zero net energy community, racks up an impressive list of achievements in its initial year of review. The first formal analysis of West Village shows that even in its initial phases, it is well on the way to the ultimate goal of operating as a ZNE community.

  • 10.31.13 — Campus named a Green Building Super Hero

    UC Davis is fighting for the environment as a Green Building Super Hero, as designated this week by the Northern California Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council.

  • 8.14.13 — We're still a ‘Cool School’: top 10 three years in a row

    UC Davis is among the 10 “greenest” universities in the United States for the third year in row, as declared by the Sierra Club magazine.

  • 5.29.13 — Jess Jackson Sustainable Winery Building opens

    Supporters and wine industry leaders gathered today at UC Davis to celebrate the opening of the Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Building.

  • 5.16.13 — Student Community Center earns LEED Platinum, UC Davis’ fifth

    Large skylights send a flood of natural light into the lobby of the new Student Community Center at UC Davis, where students hold meetings, study on lounge chairs, or chat over compostable cups of coffee from CoHo South café. Upstairs in the media lab, they use computers powered in part by solar energy. Outside, students sit at patio tables shaded by umbrellas, next to a lawn-less landscape of drought-tolerant plants and permeable paving.

  • 1.28.13 — John Bissell ’08 is turning wastewater into biodegradable plastic

    Your sludge is his plastic. Bissell has developed a technology and a business around converting municipal wastewater sludge into high-performance biodegradable plastics.

  • 9.14.12 — Pens are new addition to list of things we recycle

    Here at UC Davis we recycle bottles and cans, cardboard and Styrofoam, CDs and DVDs, fluorescent bulbs and sticky notes, toner and inkjet cartridges, batteries and electronics, and even wine corks. And paper, of course. But what about our pens? We can recycle those, too, and other, selected writing implements — adding more “cool” to UC Davis’ recent ranking as the nation’s “Coolest School” in Sierra magazine’s evaluation of sustainability in higher education.

  • 8.14.12 — UC Davis is nation’s ‘Coolest School’

    Sierra magazine has named the UC Davis the nation’s “Coolest School” for its efforts to address climate change and operate sustainably.

  • 6.22.12 — Sustainability conference draws record participation

    They came. They saw. They studied — sustainability. The California Higher Education Sustainability Conference, held at UC Davis for the first time in the event’s 11-year history, drew record registration: nearly 1,000 people from 88 institutions, mostly in California — but also including institutions in three other states and four other countries.

  • 5.14.12 — UC Davis West Village a global model for sustainable urban planning

    UC Davis West Village overcame funding constraints, delays, regulatory changes, a housing market collapse and other challenges to become the nation’s largest planned zero-net energy community, according to a new report on sustainable, low-carbon developments.

  • 4.19.12 — Researcher's waste-to-energy technology moves from the lab to the marketplace

    Technology invented by a University of California, Davis, researcher that converts solid waste into renewable energy is debuting today as the first commercially available, high-solid anaerobic digestion system in the United States.

  • 4.17.12 — McKibben on climate change: 'We can't let it go on'

    Environmental activist and best-selling author Bill McKibben spoke highly of UC Davis and the Davis community in an April 13 talk: “This place has done more than almost anywhere else in the country to rise to the challenges we face.”

  • 11.18.11 — UC Davis West Village a zero net energy model for city

    A new agreement between the UC Davis Energy Institute and the nonprofit Valley Climate Action Center illustrates how UC Davis West Village--the nation’s largest zero net energy community--is serving not only as a model for the nation, but also for its own backyard.

  • 11.3.11 — Sustainable winery building to be hub of environmental technology

    Ground was ceremonially broken today at the University of California, Davis, for the 8,000-square-foot Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Building, which will enable the adjacent winery, brewery and food-processing complex to become the first self-sustainable, zero-carbon teaching and research facility in the world.

  • 10.27.11 — UC Davis achieves third platinum award for green building

    The University of California, Davis, has earned a third “platinum” certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for creating buildings that lead the way to a sustainable future, more than any other University of California campus.

  • 10.13.11 — Nation's largest planned zero net energy community opens

    Setting a national precedent in sustainable design, UC Davis West Village will open its doors Saturday as the largest planned zero net energy community in the country.

  • 9.30.11 — Campus elaborates on 'U-Hub' plan for energy innovation

    UC Davis plans to move several energy-related research units into offices at UC Davis West Village, the nation’s largest planned zero net energy community, campus officials have announced.

  • 9.13.11 — RANKINGS ROUNDUP: UC Davis among top 10 public universities, rates high in sustainability, public service

    For the second consecutive year, UC Davis earned a ninth-place ranking among the top public national universities in U.S. News & World Report’s annual “Best Colleges” issue. UC Davis’ distinction for 2012, released today (Sept. 13), follows the campus’s top 10 honors for its commitment to sustainability (Sierra magazine).

  • 8.23.11 — UC Davis launches agricultural sustainability degree

    The University of California, Davis, this fall will launch an undergraduate major focused on agricultural sustainability.

  • 8.17.11 — Sierra magazine says we're still cool (and greener)

    UC Davis is greener and cooler this year, moving into the Top 10 of Sierra magazine’s annual ranking of the “greenest” colleges in the United States. UC Davis earned the eighth spot, up from 16 a year ago, on the magazine's “America’s Coolest Schools” list.

  • 7.29.11 — California Ag Summit slated for January at UC Davis

    Global food trends, energy and social media will be featured topics at the second annual California Ag Summit, to be held Jan. 27 at UC Davis.

  • 6.8.11 — Building a green lab

    University of California Research: Making research labs more sustainable can help UC campuses to cut energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • 6.8.11 — Green crusader

    University of California Research: A lab researcher's campaign to reuse, recycle and reduce draws national acclaim.

  • 2.14.11 — AAAS conference: Greenhouse gases, agricultural nitrogen, making energy from manure & more

    UC Davis researchers will present these findings at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

  • 2.12.11 — Green and getting greener: It's all in the planning

    The Plan Green conference at UC Davis will also include awards presented by the U.S. EPA for Fleet Services and Aggie Stadium.

  • 2.3.11 — RecycleMania returns to UC Davis

    Students lead campus involvement in this year's nationwide competition to increase recycling and reduce waste.

  • 1.19.11 — Plastic bags, no, reusable bags, yes — and they are designer bags!

    A tornado of plastic bags has touched down in the Design Museum, as part of the installation titled BAG (Bags Across the Globe): Designing to Reduce Waste, scheduled to run through March 11.

  • 1.7.11 — Waste reduction joins campuswide sustainability team

    Formerly known as R4, the campus Waste Reduction and Recycling program helps coordinate waste reduction with campus planning.

  • 12.7.10 — We're national champs for Aggie Stadium recycling

    UC Davis was honored as "Diversion Rate Champion" by the EPA in its 2010 "Wastewise Game Day Challenge."

  • 11.8.10 — UC Davis aces the College Sustainability Report Card

    The report cards are in and it is official: UC Davis is a green school. But just how green?

  • 10.15.10 — Recycle for the win: National competition at Oct. 23 football game

    UC Davis is participating in a national competition to reduce waste at campus stadiums.

  • 10.12.10 — Sustainability vendor fair focuses on green purchasing power

    How campus dollars are spent to meet sustainability goals will be the focus of the 2010 Campus Sustainability Vendor Fair.

  • 8.26.10 — Moving? Programs make recycling, reusing easy

    “Pack it” or “trash it” are not the only options, thanks to programs on campus and in the Davis community.

  • 8.16.10 — Sierra magazine ranks UC Davis 16th nationally

    In its 2010 Cool Schools survey, Sierra magazine ranked UC Davis 16th in the nation among America's "greenest" schools.

  • 3.29.10 — Turn trash into compost with new MU bins

  • 3.5.10 — Dorm events dish up green

  • 1.22.10 — UC Davis receives $2.5M in federal funding for West Village renewable energy project

    A federal grant through the Department of Energy will create an innovative waste-to-energy project for UC Davis West Village.

  • 11.10.09 — Electronic waste needs to go green

    UC Davis scientists argue for federal policies on recycling electronic waste.

  • 10.9.09 — New GSM building opens

    The GSM building, built to demanding environmental standards, opens on campus.

  • 6.12.09 — UC Davis’ Sustainable Second Century

    After celebrating its first century, UC Davis should focus on sustainability for next 100 years, says this UC Davis Magazine column.

  • 5.11.09 — Whole Earth Festival 2009: Sustainalovability

    Waste reduction report from the 2009 WEF.

  • 4.24.09 — Smart energy

    Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, visits campus to learn about the UC Davis Biogas Energy Project and the Renewable Energy Testing Center.

  • 9.12.08 — 100 Ways that UC Davis Has Transformed the World

    UC Davis has transformed the world in many ways, including through environmental contributions.

  • 6.25.08 — Designing for a sustainable conscience

    Design students at UC Davis are creating posters intended to raise awareness of the amount of waste generated in campus buildings that could have been recycled.

  • 6.13.08 — Green things at UC Davis

    List of "green things" includes buildings, neighborhood, zero waste, lighting, transportation, purchasing and food.

  • 6.2.08 — Human Resources goes green

    HR is the first zero-waste building at UC Davis.

  • 3.14.08 — Dirty work and dream jobs

    Students work on interesting and challenging jobs, including at R4.

  • 3.1.08 — Energy from table scraps

    The Biogas Energy Project is testing this idea on campus. (Video)

  • 11.19.07 — Energy for the future

    UC Davis is engineering a sustainable future: Let us count the ways

  • 11.9.07 — Student class promotes recycling on campus

  • 11.2.07 — Sustainability is key to university’s future

    Article recaps the second annual Sustainability Day at UC Davis.

  • 10.27.07 — How green are we?

    Sustainability Day 2007 celebrates many aspects of campus effort (with video).

  • 8.3.07 — Campus gets a ‘green’ thumbs up for new composting, lighting

    UC Davis received awards for its dining commons composting project and the retrofitting of lighting systems.

  • 12.15.06 — Composting: Full cycle with food waste

    UC Davis is the first UC campus to begin thorough post-consumer composting.

  • 10.24.06 — New technology turns food leftovers into electricity, vehicle fuels

  • 9.1.06 — Campus ‘greening’ under way

    UC Davis' push for sustainability enters its second year and is already successful with commute alternatives, waste reduction and green building.

  • /progress/climate/renewable_energytopicsBusinessBuildingsEnergyWaste reductionLandClimatePolicysite://s2c.ucdavis.edu/progress/climate/renewable_energys2c.ucdavis.edurenewable_energyRenewable Energy at UC DavisRenewable Energy at UC DavisUC Davis is active in procuring renewable energy. Among the recent projects, the campus has rooftop solar, a biodigester, and the UC Davis Large Solar Power Plant started producing renewable energy in August 2015 to meet approximately 14 percent of the Davis campus electricity needs. UC Davis has also secured off-site renewable energy.