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Topics: Waste reduction

Explore waste reduction at UC Davis

How do you recycle a calculator? How do we prevent trash cans from overflowing at sporting events? How can food scraps be turned into power? Waste topics at UC Davis include everything from planning a zero-waste event to developing a biodigester and advocating for a policy to recycle technological waste.

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  • Waste

    Find out about UC Davis' waste reduction efforts.

  • "A Sustainable Campus" playlist

    Lecture series explores different ways that UC Davis could become more sustainable.

  • Aggie Surplus

    Aggie Surplus (formerly Bargain Barn) reduces campus waste by sorting, re-selling, recycling and donating surplus university equipment, furniture and supplies.

  • Aggieware

    Aggieware is reusable dishes and utensils for student programs, from Student Housing.

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  • Buy Smart

    Learn how you can make sustainable purchases.

  • Compost

    Learn how to compost at UC Davis.

  • Go Zero Waste

    Learn how to recycle at UC Davis.

  • Recycle

    Learn how to recycle at UC Davis.

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Student InvolvementSee full list…

  • Aggie Reuse Store

    Aggie Reuse is a second-hand store in the Memorial Union which sells used school and office supplies, art and craft materials, clothing, and much more. Their mission is to divert materials from the landfill and to redistribute them at low cost for reuse or repurposing.

  • Apply

    This page provides all the information for students to submit proposals.

  • Campus Center for the Environment

    CCE is a student-run organization that promotes environmental awareness on campus.

  • Classes and Majors

    How to find sustainability-related courses at UC Davis