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Topics: Food

Explore food at UC Davis

Where does campus food come from? How can fisheries be managed sustainably? Do organic fruits and vegetables have more antioxidants? Food at UC Davis includes everything from a meal at the student-run Coffee House to research behind making better wine, olive oil and beer.

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  • Dining

    Find out how dining and farming come together sustainably at UC Davis.

  • "A Sustainable Campus" playlist

    Lecture series explores different ways that UC Davis could become more sustainable.

  • Aggieware

    Aggieware is reusable dishes and utensils for student programs, from Student Housing.

  • Cool Facts

    Find out what makes UC Davis the #1 Cool School in the nation.

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  • Eat Well

    Find out how to eat well.

  • Good Life Garden

    The Good Life Garden focuses on the relationship between good food and good health, with demonstrations, information and events.

  • PES Salad Bowl Garden

    A living salad bar at the Plant and Environmental Sciences building invites students, faculty and staff to graze on campus.

  • UC Davis Farmers Market

    The on-campus Farmers Market, hosted at the Silo Union Patio, is sponsored by UC Davis Dining Services.

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  • Coffee House

    The Coffee House provides made-from-scratch food, prepared and served by UC Davis students, to the campus and community.

  • Students for Sustainable Agriculture blog

    Group supports projects related to a socially just, ecologically balanced and economically viable food system.

  • Apply

    This page provides all the information for students to submit proposals.

  • California Student Sustainability Coalition chapter

    This is the UC Davis chapter of a statewide coalition that connects students to transform their educational institutions into models of sustainability.