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Topics: Energy

Explore energy at UC Davis

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  • Aggie Green Pledge

    Pledge to take action for a more sustainable campus.

  • Campus Energy Checklist

    Directions for saving energy every day in UC Davis offices and labs.

  • Choosing the Right Light

    A growing number of LED products are entering the market, adding to the many choices consumers already face. By 2025, 60 percent of residential lighting across the U.S. will likely be LED-based. While nearly all LED lighting choices offer energy savings, not all LED products are created equal, and LEDs may not always be the best type of lamp to use.

  • Conserve Energy

    Learn what you can do to conserve energy at UC Davis and elsewhere.

  • Earn a Green Leaf For Your Desk

    Practice sustainability at your desk.

  • Energy-saving tips from Facilities Management

    All members of the campus community are encouraged to manage the energy under their control.

  • Extension: Green building & sustainable design

    Program focuses on developing healthier communities through sustainable design and defining effective ways to utilize energy and water.

  • Green Workplace Alumni

    Offices, departments, and laboratories that have participated in Green Workplace.

  • Green Your Lab

    Lower your lab's environmental footprint.

  • Green Your Office

    Lower your office's environmental impact.

  • Green Your Workplace

    Learn how to green your workplace and lower your environmental footprint.

  • Small wind systems course

    The California Wind Energy Collaborative offers training courses open to the public, including a class about small (backyard) wind systems.

  • Smart Lighting Initiative

    The UC Davis Smart Lighting Initiative is an effort to reduce energy use on interior and exterior lighting by 60% by 2015.

  • Store Smart

    The Store Smart approach optimizes sample access, reduces risks related to freezer use, and saves energy.

  • UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative

    The University of California, a national leader in sustainability, has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2025, becoming the first major university to accomplish this achievement.

  • UC Policy on Sustainable Practices

    Web page with information about the UC Policy on Sustainable Practices and links to PDF versions of the current policy and past policy versions.

  • White House Climate Leadership Pledge

    On November 12, 2015, Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi signed the White House Climate Leadership Pledge on behalf of UC Davis, signaling our institutional commitment to carbon neutrality.