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Sustainable 2nd Century

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Topics: Energy

Explore energy at UC Davis

What can you do to conserve energy? How can we engineer a more efficient cooling system? How do lights turn off when there’s no one in the room? Energy at UC Davis means everything from checking your building’s energy use on the campus-wide dashboard to developing efficient, low-cost solar cells and demonstrating smarter parking garage lights.

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  • Conserve Energy

    Learn what you can do to conserve energy at UC Davis and elsewhere.

  • Aggie Green Pledge

    Pledge to take action for a more sustainable campus.

  • Campus Energy Checklist

    Directions for saving energy every day in UC Davis offices and labs.

  • Choosing the Right Light

    A growing number of LED products are entering the market, adding to the many choices consumers already face. By 2025, 60 percent of residential lighting across the U.S. will likely be LED-based. While nearly all LED lighting choices offer energy savings, not all LED products are created equal, and LEDs may not always be the best type of lamp to use.

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  • California Lighting Technology Center

    The CLTC stimulates development and commercialization of energy efficient lighting and daylighting technologies.

  • Energy Efficiency Center

    A network of campus and industry partners working to develop and commercialize energy-efficient technologies.

  • Energy Institute

    Coordinates energy research and education on the campus and facilitates interactions with outside programs.

  • Western Cooling Efficiency Center

    Promotes programs that reduce cooling system electrical demand and energy consumption in the Western United States.

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