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Student Involvement: Fall Grants

UC Davis TGIF offers an annual Fall Grant program called "Mini-Grants." The Fall Grant program awards between $200-$2,000 to small projects and undergraduate research that must be completed within one year. Research projects should be presented at the spring undergraduate research conference unless the research is for the following summer and fall. We anticipate awarding approximately $20,000 in Mini-Grants in fall, but the TGIF Committee may elect to award more funding for mini-grants and research.


Photo: Image of Project Compost display during an interactive presentation about vermicomposting

Educational outreach events, such as Project Compost's vermicomposting workshop, make for great Mini-Grant Proposals.

In fall 2017, the Committee awarded the following Mini-Grants for small projects and student research:

 TOTALS: 26 of 30 submitted projects funded.  Total Mini-Grant funds awarded: $32,816

Apply by submitting an application using the Proposal Form. Failure to follow the instructions and requirements listed in the grant proposal form will disqualify your application.

The TGIF Spring Grant Program will likely award between $150,000 to $250,000 to larger and more complex projects with pre-proposal submittals beginning early Winter Quarter.

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