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Campus Progress: Long Range Development Plan

The UC Davis 2003 Long Range Development Plan (2003 LRDP) is a comprehensive land-use plan that will guide physical development of the campus to support its teaching, research, and public service mission through 2015-16.


Subsequent to adoption of the 2003 LRDP, minor amendments to the LRDP have been made by the university.

Service Unit Park

The land-use designation on approximately 4 acres was changed from Research Park-Low Density to Support Services. The project site is located on the West Campus, west of Hopkins Road.

Documents available online:

Campus Child Care Center

The land use designation on approximately a half-acre was changed from Physical Education/Inter-collegiate Athletics/Recreation to Housing to accommodate the project. The project site is located on the central campus north of Parking Lot 30.

Documents available online:

West Village Implementation Plan

The West Village Implementation Plan (WVIP) provides the detailed framework for implementing the Neighborhood Master Plan (NMP) adopted by The Regents in November 2003 as part of the 2003 UC Davis Long Range Development Plan (LRDP). The West Village neighborhood located west of State Route 113 and south of Russell Boulevard includes housing for students, faculty, and staff as well as recreation areas, open space, retail space, and educational uses.

The NMP was evaluated in Volume III of the UC Davis 2003 Long Range Development Plan Environmental Impact Report (LRDP EIR) which was certified by The Regents of the University of California in November 2003. Since that time, the campus and a developer team have continued to refine the details of the West Village plan. As a result of the detailed planning included in the WVIP, the previously approved neighborhood has been reduced in size and slightly reconfigured. The 2003 LRDP has been amended to reflect these changes. Addendum #1 to the LRDP EIR was prepared to evaluate these changes.

Documents available online:

Landfill Addendum

Construction, operation, closure and post-closure maintenance activities for Waste Management Unit 2 (WMU2) at the UC Davis campus landfill were approved in July 1995 and analyzed as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in the Final Environmental Impact Report for the UC Davis Landfill Expansion and Permit Revision ("Landfill FEIR") (State Clearinghouse No. 1993081104, July 1995). WMU2 was estimated to provide municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal capacity for UC Davis through approximately 2040, at which time final landfill closure was anticipated. WMU2 is constructed in individual cells as capacity is needed. Prior to the opening each WMU2 cell, the campus considers the cost and operational efficiencies compared to other options. The campus has determined that using a regional landfill such as Yolo County Central Landfill (County Landfill) would be more efficient than continuing to operate and expand the campus landfill.

Pursuant to CEQA and its implementing guidelines, UC Davis has prepared this Addendum to the previously certified Landfill and LRDP FEIRs to address the proposed changes to UC Davis waste collection and landfill operations (i.e., the immediate discontinuation of WMU2 for campus MSW disposal and the hauling of campus MSW to the County Landfill for disposal) (the “Project”). The purpose and scope of this document is as follows: (1) to describe the MSW collection and landfill operational changes; (2) to evaluate the potential environmental effects of the changes; and (3) determine whether there are any new significant impacts not previously0 addressed in the Landfill FEIR and 2003 LRDP Final EIR or whether significant impacts previously identified in the Landfill FEIR and 2003 LRDP Final EIR would substantially increase.

Documents available online:

Approval documentation

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