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Campus Progress: Cool School 2012-13

Photo: UC Davis #1 Cool School Sierra Magazine

UC Davis won a national award from The Sierra Club for our environmental sustainability efforts. Designated the “#1 Cool School” for 2012-13, we ranked 1st of 96 colleges and universities in the 2012 Cool Schools survey, run by Sierra Magazine, the official publication of the Sierra Club. 

The first University of California campus to win the title of “Coolest School,” we were singled out for our breadth of sustainability accomplishments, from sustainable transportation, to waste reduction and diversion efforts, green purchasing practices, and a wide range of sustainability classes and research projects, among many other achievements.

The set of pages found in the lefthand sidebar list the activities, visual communciation materials, and "Cool Facts" that we developed for our award-winning campaign. 

Campaign coordinator:

Thumbnail image of Carol Shu

Carol Shu, Sustainability Promotions Coordinator, joint appointment under Strategic Communications and the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Campaign team:

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