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February 2013

  • 2.28.13 — International conference to tackle climate-change threats to agriculture

    Scientists and policymakers from around the world will gather March 20-22 at UC Davis to grapple with the threats of climate change for global agriculture and recommend science-based actions to slow its effects while meeting the world’s need for food, livelihood and sustainability.

  • 2.19.13 — Scientists trace particulate air pollution to its source

    Scientists at UC Davis have, for the first time, developed a system that can determine which types of air particles that pollute the atmosphere are the most prevalent and most toxic.

  • 2.4.13 — 'Global worming': Earthworms contribute to climate change

    Earthworms are long revered for their beneficial role in soil fertility, but with the good comes the bad: they also increase greenhouse gas emissions from soils, according to a study published Feb. 3 in Nature Climate Change by a research team that includes a UC Davis soil scientist.

  • 2.4.13 — UC Davis lighting experts push for national quality standard for LEDs

    It is not enough to be energy efficient; LED lighting also must be consistently high quality and reliable to win over consumers. That message, from the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis, helped prompt the California Energy Commission to include quality criteria for LED replacement lamps in its first-in-the-nation energy efficiency directive on Dec. 12, 2012.

  • 2.1.13 — A year later: Progress at UC Davis West Village

    Since officially opening in October 2011, UC Davis West Village continues to grow both physically and academically, as a community and energy research hub for students, staff and faculty residents to live and learn.