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May 2012

  • 5.31.12 — Russell Ranch Field Day

    The Russell Ranch Field Day brings together farmers, students, NGOs, research, and UC Cooperative Extension farm advisors and specialists to discuss sustainable agriculture.

  • 5.30.12 — Planning for uncertainty in power generation

    Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power help to diversify the nation's energy mix, but they also bring new uncertainty to the power supply. Two UC Davis researchers are working with a national team of experts, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, to help power utilities make sound plans in the face of that uncertainty.

  • 5.29.12 — Farmers Market offers healthy eating options

    Healthy eating is important for college students who study hard, and that’s why the UC Davis Farmers Market came to fruition.

  • 5.25.12 — Green power sources win at Big Bang! business competition

    The biggest bang in this year's UC Davis business plan competition came from the S2E Energy founder who touted a thin, clear windowlike material said to conduct the sun's power more cheaply and efficiently than existing solar technology.

  • 5.24.12 — FOOD, ETC.: Farm to College, May 30, for everyone

    Straight from local farms to the university — that’s how much of the food will arrive for next week’s Farm to College dinner, where Dining Services showcases its commitment to a local and sustainable food system.

  • 5.14.12 — UC Davis West Village a global model for sustainable urban planning

    UC Davis West Village overcame funding constraints, delays, regulatory changes, a housing market collapse and other challenges to become the nation’s largest planned zero-net energy community, according to a new report on sustainable, low-carbon developments.

  • 5.14.12 — When, where and how wood is used impact carbon emissions from deforestation

    A new study from the University of California, Davis, provides a deeper understanding of the complex global impacts of deforestation on greenhouse gas emissions. The study, published May 13 in the advance online edition of the journal Nature Climate Change, reports that the volume of greenhouse gas released when a forest is cleared depends on how the trees will be used and in which part of the world the trees are grown.

  • 5.3.12 — Lighting innovator assumes first Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency

    Michael Siminovitch, director of the California Lighting Technology Center, has been named the first Arthur H. Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency at the University of California, Davis. The designation honors both Siminovitch, a professor of design whose work is revolutionizing lighting throughout California, and Rosenfeld, considered the “father of energy efficiency.”

  • 5.2.12 — Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis names Ken Tate this year’s Bradford-Rominger Award recipient

    UC Cooperative Extension Specialist Ken Tate was named this year’s Eric Bradford and Charlie Rominger Agricultural Sustainability Leadership Award recipient this week. Given by the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis, the award is meant to recognize and honor individuals who exhibit the leadership, work ethic and integrity epitomized by the late Eric Bradford, a livestock geneticist who gave 50 years of service to UC Davis, and the late Charlie Rominger, a fifth-generation Yolo County farmer and land preservationist.