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June 2012

  • 6.22.12 — Sustainability conference draws record participation

    They came. They saw. They studied — sustainability. The California Higher Education Sustainability Conference, held at UC Davis for the first time in the event’s 11-year history, drew record registration: nearly 1,000 people from 88 institutions, mostly in California — but also including institutions in three other states and four other countries.

  • 6.18.12 — Campus climate change: California colleges go green

    Nearly 1,000 people actively working to green the campuses of California’s public and private institutions of higher education will gather at the University of California, Davis, this week for the 11th annual California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. The conference, itself a zero-waste affair, will bring together representatives from more than 70 colleges and universities, primarily from California, from June 18 through 22.

  • 6.18.12 — Outdoor 'smart' lighting system to save energy

    The University of California, Davis, today unveiled one of the most advanced outdoor lighting systems in the country, a roughly $1 million network of “smart” lights that talk to each other and adapt to their environment.

  • 6.15.12 — EXHIBITIONS: 'Igniting' the art of sustainability

    Figuratively speaking, 13 California artists will “ignite” the sustainability conference that is taking place here next week. Among the artists are two from the UC Davis faculty: Professor Ann Savageau of the Department of Design, and Professor Emerita Gyöngy Laky of the Textiles and Clothing Program — each of whom works with reused and repurposed materials.

  • 6.6.12 — Oil spill hit beach microbes

    Oiled seabirds and turtles may have been the dominant images of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, but new research shows that there was also massive harm to the microscopic creatures in coastal sands, lasting months after beaches were clean to human eyes.

  • 6.6.12 — Humans may be forcing an irreversible tipping point for Earth

    Humans may be forcing an irreversible, planetary-scale tipping point that could severely impact fisheries, agriculture, clean water and much of what Earth needs to sustain its inhabitants. Such a change has not been seen since the shift from the Ice Age to an interglacial age 11,700 years ago—a time of mass extinctions and extreme climate shifts, according to the authors, who estimate that Earth may experience the next major tipping point within a few generations.

  • 6.1.12 — ‘Visionary’: Professor Boulton and our sustainable winery

    The “Visionary” series in building design returns to UC Davis in June with a program featuring Professor Roger Boulton and his vision: the most environmentally sophisticated winery in the world. The campus’s 2-year-old Teaching and Research Winery is the first such facility in the world with LEED-platinum status, the highest level in the U.S. Green Building Council’s rating system (LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).